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Powertronics Corporation UPS Systems is one of the popular online UPS manufacturers in Mumbai which provides UPS Online to solve energy disruption problems. Our UPS solutions are designed and developed with double conversion technology. These indigenously manufactured machines are preferred all over Mumbai and are known for high performance and high quality standards.

It is globally the most favored choice regarding ensuring any subtle electronic and Power hardware or DATA, from power blackouts and fluctuations. It comprises three significant segments: Charger, Batteries, and inverter. It is otherwise called double-conversion UPS; for example, it takes crude utility AC power, changes over it into clean DC power, and further once more into AC to take care of the heap un-interfered with and reserve force. It utilizes a battery as a standby source of energy. In case of main supply or fluctuations past some predetermined limits, the UPS switches over automatically onto battery mode. As the utility stockpile re-establishes typical, the UPS switches back to mains mode and starts re-energizing the batteries.

Offline ups dealers & Offline ups distributors in mumbai

We offer a wide range of Offline ups dealers in Mumbai to our clients worldwide for a wide range of computer applications. Our offline UPS primary efficient performance High capacity and long service life Customers can avail of these offline UPS at cost-effective prices.

A device similar to a UPS is an SPS (standby power supply). An SPS contains a battery like the UPS, but the battery provides power to the computer only when it loses AC power. It does not provide constant power, like the Ups. we deliver service and Sales for all UPS & SPS segment as ups dealers & ups amc services and ups amc vendors.

Powertronics Corporation offers Offline UPS that are designed to operate with raw input power supply during under voltage. But On line UPS never operate with input power supply, we just give the raw supply to the input terminal and the unit output will be given to the load. Cost : Online UPS are consisting of high cost, but offline UPS are very low cost. So Powertronics Corporation gives solution in as online ups dealers and offline ups dealers with our expertise.


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