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Krykard 9KVA 3:3 Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 340V-480V

₹ 48,470 ₹ 46,470

Features & Description

Krykard 9KVA 3:3 Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

Capacity: 9KVA, 3:3 Servo Stabilizer.
True RMS sensing ensures Stable voltage even under adverse waveform conditions.
Voltage Regulation Range 340 - 480V.
Micro controller based Electronic circuit for precise correction and value added features.
Measures & displays voltage (output & input), output current & frequency
High performance - Works for decades.
Complete Phase-wise protection against High / Low voltage, Overload, Short circuit & Spikes.
High Efficiency, Low maintenance costs - lowest life cycle cost.
Convenient Phase-wise service bypass arrangement for minimum disturbance to operations even in the worst case.
Upgradable for Power & Energy monitoring with communication to Integrate with your EMS or BMS.
Compact and Elegant.