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The DEEP IMPACT from the house of Powertronics is a relatively new concept in the power sector. The DEEP IMPACT UPS from the house of Powertronics packs all the features of an online UPS in a compact form factor, further being transformerless the DEEP IMPACT is extremely light and portable, making it easily installed in homes or even in offices.Powertronics DEEP IMPACT range of online UPS is a powerful, affordable and reliable backup option for your appliance Available in 3 kVA / 72 volts, the DEEP IMPACT range of UPS is a product that is capable of taking care of the backup needs of your computers along with the other appliances When the system temperature goes above 80 °C, the system goes into Over Temperature protection i.e. the system will shut down.



With a power factor of over 0.95 Powertronics DEEP IMPACT, Online UPS is a true performer. The Active power factor correction applied in the UPS enables it to save up to 40% more power. By reducing the power demand through power factor correction, Powertronics is putting less strain on the electricity grid, therefore reducing the carbon footprint. Over time, this lowered demand on the electricity grid can account for hundreds of tons of reduced carbon production, all thanks to the DEEP IMAPCT’s electrical efficiency via power factor correction

The Deep Impact 3kVA Online UPS manufactured by the house of Powertronics has the option to connect to the internet via a built-in ethernet port at the backside of the UPS. When connected to the internet Powertronics DEEP IMPACT Online UPS lets its user enjoy the freedom of monitoring its working from anywhere he likes, may he be in any part of the world and be using any kind of internet device.

Online UPS which provides a Pure Sine Wave Output thus making Powertronics DEEP IMPACT totally fit for running heavy loads like LCDs, Motors, Computers, Servers, etc.. Underneath its hood all the processes in the DEEP IMPACT are controlled by a Microcontroller, being powered by digital technology the DEEP IMPACT is highly efficient, extremely reliable and has a longer life span.

UPS Manufacturer and UPS Dealer in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

Powertron is world leader & is one of the top online UPS Manufacturer (Uninterruptible Power Supply). We have best UPS in Mumbai and serving across the india. The leading online UPS Manufacturers in Mumbai, Powertrons offers highly sophisticated and efficient Powertronups including Online UPS, Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers, Inverters, Active Power Filters, Compact Data Centers and Solar Power Products. Our operational Head Office is located in Mumbai. Acquiring a team of skilled and well experienced professionals, we deliver premium level DELTA, Emerson and BPE UPS (1 to 4800 kVA), which have been power-packed with highly advanced UPS technology and offer outstanding efficiency. We believe in advanced technologies and quality satisfaction that reflect in our power solutions. Being one of the leading online UPS Manufacturers in Mumbai, Powertronups provides Inverters and Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers up to 5000 kVA with extensive installation base across India. The extensive domain experience and proficiency to deliver end-to- end power solutions for industry mark higher grades to our portfolio.

Ups battery dealers | Ups battery dealers in mumbai

Powertronics Corporation provides first-rate support and service for UPS products that we sell. We are one of the largest distributors of power quality products from UPS, a leading innovator of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).
UPS products are distinguished by their advanced engineering and superior quality. Battery has been a leading innovator for UPS products for decades and they are used across many industries – financial, medical, industrial, communications, military and aerospace – where continuous power is essential.

The leading UPS Battery Dealer and Inverter Battery Dealer in Mumbai, Powertronics Corporation offers highly sophisticated and efficient ups battery including inverter battery, Inverters and Solar scrap battery.

We acquire a variety of UPS systems produced by internationally recognized UPS Dealer and exporters and from pre-verified and genuine UPS dealer in Mumbai. Powertronics Corporation is the most efficient Electrical contractors and consultants in the field to electrical installation. We undertake turnkey projects, deals in electric goods, provide consultancy services to the clients in the field of electrical construction in Mumbai.

When the UPS or Battery detects a failure, the APC Smart UPS Online automatically switches over to utility power without dropping the load. The UPS is designed as per the need of the business and we, top-notch UPS dealers in Mumbai offer only the best solution for you. Our complete after sales service is the reason why our relationship with the customer goes above and beyond the sale of UPS. The battery for the UPS can be replaced as and when necessary for the Back UPS, Smart UPS and Online Smart UPS. APC also has battery backup solutions for home computer systems, external servers and other electronic equipments.

UPS Dealer in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai

Powertronics Corporation is one of the leading online UPS suppliers in Mumbai And Navi Mumbai We are UPS dealers in Mumbai And Navi Mumbai for a long time. The main purpose of providing Online UPS is to solve energy problems across the nation and make this place better and brighter every passing day.

We are operating from two locations, one is in Mumbai And Navi Mumbai and another one is in Mumbai And Navi Mumbai. We have a team of really talented people working hard to strive goals for the betterment of the society. We are dealing with UPS systems across the nation. Our team constantly work in the R&D department to UPS systems better day

We are manufacturing the UPS systems and dealing with them as well in terms of supplying to the potential clients. We are having a wide range of UPS systems of various sizes and shapes. All these wide ranges. These online UPS system which is supplied by us in Mumbai And Navi Mumbai are designed and developed after a lot of research through upgraded technology. These indigenous UPS systems getting manufactured from our unit are made up of almost care and importance is given to high-quality standards and are preferred across the nation. We are UPS dealers in Mumbai And Navi Mumbai, we believe our products should make difference in our clients lives and make their life easier.

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